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Welcome to the website of PETTINGER Engineering!

From the design stage to the complete implementation of the final product

Design - Production - Development

We integrate design and technology

"we form your success - wir gestalten Ihren Erfolg"


"Every part of a technological unit is equally important, whether it’s a cogged wheel, driveshaft, or just a sealing ring or adapter."

About us

We are a family firm specialising in construction work, activities and production in various branches of the engineering industry.

Our credo is to take a responsible, honest and conscientious approach while striving to achieve the highest possible standards of quality, speed, precision and reliability.

In our construction work we draw on our many years of experience of the manufacturing operations of many Czech and also foreign firms.

We also base our work on the latest findings in the field and the development of new technology.

It goes without saying that we ceaselessly follow developments in this field.

We supply technical construction documentation in both printed form and also digitally, in the formats required by the customer.

We also design and manufacture products following specifications provided by the customer or based on technical drawings supplied.

We have a very extensive machine park, allowing us to produce the most complex and demanding machine parts.

We are in continuous contact with our customers and are able to react flexibly and quickly to any requirements.

We also provide full and comprehensive service work and participate in the innovation and development of existing and new products or technological units.

It is in our interest to play a part in your success.

We are ready to meet your requirements and look forward to a long and meaningful partnership.

Your PETTINGER Engineering team

"Sometimes we can take perfectionism too far."

What we do

  • Construction and design services
  • Technical designs
  • Ready-to-use engineering projects
  • CAD construction and design
  • Drafting/design in 2D and 3D
  • Modelling
  • Production technical documentation
  • Production of machinery components and technological units
  • Production of the most complex machinery components
  • Development of existing and new products
  • and more...


We have a very extensive machine park, allowing us to produce the most complex and demanding machine parts.

As regards our production processes we primarily use the following manufacturing technologies, in conventional form and also NC and CNC:

  • Lathe work
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Burning (gas, plasma, laser ...)
  • Machine cutting
  • Welding
  • Electroerosive machining
  • Drilling - boring
  • Pressing (trimming, bending ...)
  • and more

Heat processing (cementing, hardening, annealing...) and surface finishes (sand-blasting, blacking, zinc plating, varnishing, etc.) are provided as standard.


PETTINGER Engineering

Plešivecká 470/2
412 01 Litoměřice
Czech Republic

Tel/Fax: +420 776 233 265
E-mail: info@pettinger.cz 
Web: www.pettinger.cz


ID No.: 75996847
Tax ID No.: CZ7402162680


Company owner

Robert Pettinger

Mobile: +420 776 233 265
E-mail: robert@pettinger.cz 

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Technical support

Josef Stieranka

For communication in English

Mobile: +420 723 456 584
E-mail: j.stieranka@pettinger.cz